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White Fillings

How teeth get decay?

The surfaces of our teeth are not flat but have grooves. When we eat food, it gets stuck in those grooves. This food particle gets decayed and acid is created. This acid will make enamel weak and bacteria’s enter through this weak enamel and decay starts.

When tooth gets decay that time it never gives pain and hence patient doesn’t go to a dentist. This decay will keep growing unless you don’t treat it.

What is Filling?

We remove decayed or unhealthy part of tooth with our drilling machine. After decay is removed only healthy tooth part remains with cavity inside. If this cavity is not filled, food particle will get accumulated and hence this hollow part or cavity is filled with some filling.

Which are different types of fillings There can be temporary fillings like cement or there can be permanent filling like i) Black colored ii) White colored Light Cure composite resin filling

Why silver filling is not done nowadays?

Silver filling turns black after certain years and if there is a future decay which occurs around that filling, patient doesn’t come to know which tooth and which is the filling? Silver amalgam contains mercury which is not good for our body.

Which is the best filling?

Light Cure Composite Resin filling material is imported and of high quality. Advantages are as follows:
• It is tooth colored
• This filling bond with the tooth surface and hence…
• life span is better than silver filling

How much time taken for procedure?

If the decay is less, filling can be finished in 20 to 30 mins. If decay is more it takes more time. If decay is on one surface, filling lasts long. But if decay is on two surfaces, a (class II filling) chance of filling getting fracture is very high. Such type of filling takes long time around 40 to 50 mins.

What is the life span of filling?

As any other dental treatment every filling should be checked after 6 months. If need be we polish those filling. If there is secondary decay then it is better to go for re-filling. But if you take good care, fillings last for many years. Average life span is from 3 yrs to 8 yrs but it is recommended that after every 5 yrs fillings should be changed.

What precautions to be take?

If filling is of two surface or big filling, then chances of fracture is high. In that case the moment patient feels discomfort, he should immediately report us. There is no major restriction in food habits you can eat everything like hard and soft, hot and cold.

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