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Root Canal Treatment

In first picture we see healthy tooth which has got enamel on top and dentin inside. Innermost Part of tooth which is inside gums is called Root. Every root contains canal.

In second picture we see unhealthy tooth, where there is decay. Through this, bacteria enter in the Root Canal and it reaches the nerve. This tooth is infected. Root canal treatment is used to save teeth which would otherwise need to be removed.

Root canal is one or two sitting job. In the first sitting we give local anesthesia and hence root canal treatment is totally painless.

We clean the Root canal with the help of root canal files and some medicines. We take x-ray to confirm whether the canals are cleaned properly. Apex Locator which is the latest type of instrument gives depth of canal. It is major breakthrough in Root canal treatment. We take x-rays to confirm whether infection is removed. Then the canals are filled with artificial material called as a Gutta Purcha. After Root canal is filled we do filling on the tooth, it can be of composite or miracle mix. If the infection is more sometimes we take three sittings also.

Pain upon biting down and dull pain is common and a recognized side effect of root treatment. It should disappear within 48 hours or so. Here’s why you can get pain after root canal treatment, even though the nerve has been removed. Basically when you stick instruments up the root canals, a little bit of the infected material will be pushed out of the end of the canal into the wee space between the tooth and the socket. This sets up a small area of local inflammation and can cause pain upon biting down and a dull pain.

During treatment don’t eat from that side. We place a medicated cotton in the cavity and top of that we put cement so that this medicated cotton should not come out. If this cotton comes out, need not to worry because it is not permanent filling. Please take medicine regularly. After anesthesia patient is not supposed to eat till anesthesia wears off, this normally takes 3 to 4 hrs. So please don’t eat from that side otherwise you might bite on your tongue or lip and you may think it happened because of procedure or injection. After Root canal treatment is done tooth needs permanent fillings or capping for strength.

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