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Our Orthodontics Procedures Pathway


Step 1


    • This consultation would suit you if you are unsure of the treatment options available to you.
    •  If you know that having braces is the treatment option you would like to investigate then this is the correct appointment for you.

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Step 2

The Orthodontic Case Assesment

  • We will take photos and an x-ray of your teeth and view them together so that we can discuss your concerns whilst showing you how we can improve things
  • Different types of braces will be discussed so that you can decide which treatment is most suited to you
  • We will provide you with information and show you examples of the different types of braces so that you can make an informed decision
  • You will be given estimates for treatment and the financial options will be discussed.

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Step 3

The Decision

  • Once you have made the decision to have treatment we will book you in for the treatment to be started.

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Step 4

The Treatment

  • Invisalign
    • Impressions are taken for the Clincheck to be prepared. This is a computerised view of the movements that are required to improve the alignment of your teeth
    • After acceptance of the case, the Invisalign aligners take approximately three weeks to arrive.
    • An appointment is booked to fit your aligners and the treatment starts.
    • Review appointments are booked every six to eight weeks so that progress can be monitored and adjustments can be made if necessary
  • Fixed Braces
    • Any preliminary work necessary for the brace treatment is carried out such as mild reshaping of teeth, application of small white fillings.
    • Ceramic brackets are bonded to the teeth with white filling material and the white wire is placed.
    • Review appointments are booked every six to eight weeks so that progress can be checked and wires can be changed

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Step 5

Completion Of Treatment

  • Once we feel that that we have achieved the best result that we can, the braces are removed or the aligners come to an end.
  • In both cases at the end of treatment night time and permanent retainers are provided so that the teeth stay in the position that we have moved them into and the bone can mature around the roots

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Step 6

The Three Month Review

  • We review the situation three months later once things have settled to ensure that the treatment goals have been achieved
  • If we feel that even further improvement can be gained, in either a function or aesthetic capacity we will suggest a period of refinement. This means that braces may have to be worn again for a short period of time.
  • Post orthodontic refinement is not offered by many practices although it may be necessary. We feel that if we are to achieve the best result possible then it is the right thing to do.
  • The offer of refinement can be declined and will not impact heavily on the success of the treatment but for those of you that are looking for the highest level of function and aesthetics we offer this service at no cost
  • If other treatment is needed to create the desired result as discussed at the initial consultation we then start phase two of the improvement.

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