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Lingual Braces

Lingual appliances are fixed braces applied to the tongue and palate side of the teeth. This ensures that the braces can't be seen and also that the lip shape is not affected by the braces.

Orthodontic specialists often need special training to apply these types of braces as application to the teeth is much more difficult than conventional fixed appliances. Lingual braces are very case specific and technique sensitive. More supervision and longer appointments are needed for this type of treatment

Suitability is judged on a patient by patient basis as not all movements may be possible with this type of brace. The incognito system that we use has been designed for patient comfort which means less irritation to the tongue and less likelihood of speech problems. This means the braces will be easier to get used to.

Dr Tamhankar our resident specialist has had extensive training and experience in application of lingual braces.

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